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"I suffer from constant headaches due to  a terrible pain in my neck. Thanks to Dr. Grant the pain has greatly decreased, I am so satisfied with his work that I took my wife with me and I am planing to take my whole family to his office."


Thank you, Chiropratic For Health.

Jhon Grisales  - Dover NJ

"After injuring my left shoulder, I had several months of pain, decided to commit myself to chiropractic therapy treatments twice a week with Dr. Grant. Therefore, I have to tell you that after three weeks of intense therapy my shoulder is 99% better, I'm continuing therapy to reach 100%. I'm happy, I gave Dr. Grant a try ,I've reached relief and am able to continue to work and enjoy my quality of life back. Dr."


Patricia Patterne

"I was apprehensive to seek chiropractic treatments.  Just the thought of someone adjusting my neck and spine scared me to death! Dr. Mike's professional, caring and gentle treatment is exactly what I needed to alleviate my fears and get the treatments I needed.  I wouldn't trust anyone else!"


Jennifer F.


"I have had lower back pain on and off since I was 20 years old (I am now 42). Sometimes I would move the wrong way and it my back would “go out”. I would have to deal with the pain and wait it out for a couple of weeks when it would feel better again. After having children I couldn’t afford to wait it out anymore, I needed to care for them. I had been to different doctors who gave me medication and recommended physical therapy. This would work temporarily, but my back would still go out and then I would have to go through the whole process again. Finally I decided to see if chiropractic care was for me. I found Dr Grant at the Randolph YMCA, he was offering initial consultations. I decided to give him a try and now it has been 7 years. I go every other week for an adjustment and it has really made a difference in my life. 


Over the course of my treatment and meeting different doctors along the way, I have found out that my right leg likes to go up into my hip socket…making it seem as if my one leg is shorter than the other. When this happens it throws off the balance of my body…my back, which in the past would cause it to twist in a very painful way. Now that I am managing this, my back doesn’t “go out” like it used to. I am very glad that I found Dr Grant that day at the YMCA." 



Randolph, NJ

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